My Experience Going to the World Domination Summit

The World Domination Summit is a very interesting event. WDS is hard to explain to other people and you will get weird looks from customs when you tell them about this event.

I didn’t know what to expect coming to WDS nor did I have any expectations. The only thing I was hoping for is that this event is not your typical “rah rah” feel-good-one-week-after-the-event-then-back-to-reality type convention.

I’m happy to say that WDS blew my mind!

Here is what I discovered when I went to the World Domination Summit:

1) The People – Hands down the biggest reason you should go to the World Domination Summit is the people you meet. I can honestly say I’ve made a lot of new friends, travel pals and future business partners.


World Domination Summit


2) The People – I know I just said this but it really is the people! You will meet people from different age groups, racial backgrounds, lifestyles and personalities. It was an amazing experience to interacted with people from all over the world. I met people who were “lost” and was trying to themselves, people who were business hustlers trying to work their ass off building their empire, and people who just went for fun. The diversity was a awesome and I enjoyed every minute of it.

3) Emotion – Many of the main stage speakers caused many tear-jerking moments. Especially Chelsea Dinsmore, Michelle Poler and Zach Anner. It’s not often that I get teary eyed over a story. This part was a big surprise to me.

My sister and I got our last name’s letters by pure coincidence

World Domination Summit


4) Practicality – Many of the speakers gave practical advice that is easily actionable. My favorites were how to retire in 10 years from Mr. Money Mustache, creating a gratitude totem by Vanessa Van Edwards and changing the words you say to yourself from Lewis Howes.

5) Portland – I’ve been to Portland many times but this is the first time I really got a chance to explore it.

6) Flexibility and Productivity – You can make the event however you want it to be. For me, I went to the World Domination Summit to meet new people and to hustle and complete my first digital product. And through hard work, careful time management and words of encouragement from fellow WDSer, I completed my first online digital product!

Would I go again?

Yes, definitely! Even with the hefty price tag of $900 (WDS 360 + Academies), I still felt like I got my money’s worth. It’s just one of those things that’s hard to explain to people but everyone who’s attended know that it was worth their while.


World Domination Summit


If you’ve never gone to WDS before, definitely sign up for next year. You’ll learn many things that you can use in your every day life and the connections you make with other people is priceless.

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