The Starter’s Guide to Blog Monetization Part 2: Branding

The branding model is quite possibly, the most confusing type of blog monetization for most individuals. What the hell is branding blog anyways?? Do you get a catchy logo that is recognizable to people? Or perhaps have a catchy catchphrase like “Just Do It!” from Nike.

You might be thinking…I don’t see how I can make money from having a cool logo or having a cool catchphrase. How do I make money from branding exactly…

Well my friend, prepare yourself for this game changing article!

The five blog monetization models:

How the Branding Model Works



The branding model is unique from the other blogging monetization models because you are not going to be making money directly from the blog itself. Instead, what the branding model will do, is to showcase your abilities and talents and to position yourself as an authority in your chosen field.


Someone sees a product or service you are selling online. Your sales page looks compelling enough for the person to be tempted to make a purchase; however, he or she doesn’t know you and is reluctant to click the buy now button.

The individual then looks you up on Google. The first thing they will see is your blog. Your content is great and you make an amazing first impression.

After studying your blog, the individual trusts you can deliver on what the product promises.

By showcasing your knowledge and abilities with your branding blog, it just made it easier for the person to make the purchasing decision.

The Anatomy of a Branding Blog

When writing articles for a branding blog, your goal is to use as many influencing techniques available. A great resource to use is a book called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In this crucial business book, they talk about the six principles of persuasion to help people convince that you are their go-to expert in regards to your niche. The four principles that is important to a branding blog are:

  • Reciprocation – By helping your audience, they will want to give something back to you in return.
  • Social Proof – If your audience sees that a lot of people are following your blog and purchasing your products and services, they will also be inclined to do the same. Testimonials and having a lot of followers is crucial to make this technique work.
  • Liking – Whenever you help someone, that person will like you more. By having a helpful or entertaining blog, you will definitely win people over.
  • Authority – Quite possibly, the most important of the four principles. By generating great blog content about your niche, individuals will grow to trust you and look up to you as the authority on that subject.

If you’re wondering about the other persuasion tactics, we will be covering that on part 3 of the series.

To best illustrate this point, let’s do a quick case study with an individuals who is making six to seven figures a year from his branding blog model.

Case Study: Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes’ “The School of Greatness” website focuses on helping individuals reach financial and personal success through internet marketing. His entire website is loaded with podcasts where he interviews great people from different industries. From Tony Robbins, Chris Guillebeau, Randy Couture, Arianna Huffington, and many more!

By associating himself with famous individuals, he creates that social proof effect. This makes you automatically accept his status as one of the industry leaders as well.

Lewis Howes also frequently sells his digital product and courses using Facebook advertisement. If you ever stumble on his ads and go through his sales process, you may be tempted to make a purchase.  However, if you don’t know him, you will probably google his name first before making a purchasing decision. After checking the search engine on information about him, you will likely stumble on his blog.

After reading his blog, you will see that he has an honest and likable personality. This adds to your trust that he is a trustworthy individual.

You will also notice that he is a New York Times best seller. This gives him the ultimate social proof as clearly he is a famous guy if so many people are buying his book.

Because his blog gives you all this free podcast and background information on Lewis Howes, it just makes it so much easier for you to justify buying his products and courses.

He is an excellent example of a branding blog done right!

Other amazing examples of a Branding Blog:


If you are someone that has no interest in having advertisements on your website, or coming across as too “salesy”, then the branding blog may be for you. This type of blog is especially perfect for internet marketers who wants to establish their credibility.

Don’t wait. Start blogging today!

If you missed the part 1 of the series, you can check it out here.

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