The Starter’s Guide to Blog Monetization Part 1: Advertising Model

The Starter’s Guide to Blog Monetization Part 1: Advertising Model

I know you’ve secretly thought about becoming a paid travel blogger. Come on, who hasn’t had that thought before?

So you’ve come across some really cool travel blogs, featuring photos of writers working at their “office”, which really is just them sitting on a deck overlooking a beach. Their life looks absolutely perfect. The very thought of those travel blogs evokes many mixed emotions in all of us.

We may feel inspired to embark on our own round the world trip or feel envious of their seemingly relaxed and carefree lifestyle. We may also feel a deep sadness, knowing we will never be able to live a life like that…

Regardless of how you feel, one thing is for certain: if you knew you could monetize your blog, and use those funds to finance your travels or lifestyle for an indefinite period of time, would you do it? It’s possible, but what’s stopping you?

I can list a number of reasons, but I bet the one that tops the list is simply feeling overwhelmed by such a big task.

I get it.

Blogging for a living is easier said than done. How do you even make money from blogging??

In the upcoming blog posts, I will be show you the five blog monetization model. All you need to do, is pick the method that resonates most with you! Once you have decided on the how, I will be sharing with you a simple step-by-step guide on how to launch your own blog.

I can’t promise you that the process will be easy. Unless you’re a tech nerd, you’re going to suffer and get headaches while setting up your blog. But, once you get over the tech hump, you will find that it is actually quite fun to build up your blog!

If you’re ready, lets start your blogging journey with…

The five blog monetization models:


How does the advertising model work?

As you can already guess, you get paid to advertise for other companies. The higher that traffic, and the more clicks you get on ads, the more money you will make. There are several ways you can monetize through advertising.

Method 1: Google AdSense

The most common method is to get a Google AdSense banner on your website. Your readers will receive ads that are specifically targeted to their needs. Payment will depend on the number of clicks your AdSense banner gets.

A recent data from Pat Flynn’s “SmartPassiveIncome” website shows that you can earn roughly $48 for every 1000 clicks your AdSense banner gets.

To make this work, your goal is to strategically place your AdSense banner in a location that will receive the most attention, and hopefully more clicks. Some blogs will place their ad in the middle of their blog post, similar to Facebook’s news feed.

Method 2: Commission Based Ads

Once you receive tons of traffic from your niche blog website, you can start reaching out to major travel related websites and companies to advertise on your website.

Examples of travel related websites you can use to advertise and earn a commission are:

  • VisaHQ
  • World’s Nomads

The commission you earn will vary from each company; nonetheless, this is a lucrative way to generate passive income.

Method 3: Write Sponsored Articles

Once your blog becomes popular, major brands will start to contact you and ask you to write sponsored articles in exchange for a set amount of money.


  • Lee Abbamonte, the youngest American man to travel to all the countries in the world, frequently writes sponsored articles for Allianz Insurance.
  • Ricky Shetty, local travel blogger that runs Familytravelbloggers frequently writes reviews for local business’.

Method 4: Brand Ambassador

If your blog becomes popular enough, big companies will hire you to become a brand ambassador. Some perks include getting a fully sponsored trip.


  • NomadicMatt, a brand ambassador for “Interpid travelers”, will write reviews on sponsored tours he has done with the company.


Regardless of which advertising method you choose, producing quality content should be of highest importance. Meaning, your ultimate goal is either to solve a problem or to entertain. At the end of the day, money talks. The more sales generated by companies as a direct result of your blog, the more opportunities will come your way.

So go ahead and start your blog and make sure you solve a lot of people’s problems. Don’t forget to be entertaining while you’re at it.

In the next article, you will learn how to monetize your blog using the branding model.

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Talk to you soon!

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