Travel the World for One Year – July 2016 Update

It’s been awhile but I finally got around to writing the July update towards my one year trip around the world.

It’s been really hectic for me as I scramble to get things done before I leave.

My project list is huge not to mention tackling all the pre-trip activities.

Pre-trip obstacles and task:

Some pre-trip obstacle I am facing right now is changing my address and finding storage for my stuff. Since I moved back home to my parents, I thought I can park my address and belongings there while I am away.

Turns out my mother is selling the house. This turn of event is quite a pain in the butt because I need to change my address now before I leave. I’m thinking of changing my address to my sister’s boyfriend’s apartment. The problem with that is that they are planning on buying a townhouse together next year Summer before I am back in Canada. Anyhow, that might be my only option for me right. At least my sister will be able to notify me if they move and I can change my address upon return.

As for my stuff, I may leave it with another sister. I plan on selling even more of my stuff than I anticipated to make it easier for my siblings to store my belongings.

Money and Points:

I’m slightly behind when it comes to saving money. Right now, I have $12,500 saved up towards my one year trip. That’s a little bit on the low side. I’m missing one week’s worth of earnings in August since I am going to the World Domination Summit in Portland. I’ve also been investing more on Travel and Live Free’s first ever digital product which will cost me money on WordPress plugins and paying for web developers.

I also signed up for the American Express Platinum Card which I anticipate to receive in a week or two. The card does come with a $699 annual fee which is quite a lot of money to pay upfront. The plus side is that I will get $400 back as travel credit if used wisely. The card also comes with lounge access which is going to be very useful when I travel. I predict that the free food and shower in the airport lounges will be a life saver as I spend many hours in airports.

Here is my current points and miles inventory before departure:

  • 390,000 Aeroplan miles
  • 75,000 Alaska Airline miles
  • 66,000 Marriott Hotel Points
  • 79,400 Starwood Points
  • 50,000 IHG Points

I’m super excited to start blowing all those points as I travel the world. I am hoping the points will help me in case I don’t save up at least $16,000.

Some things I need to purchase before I leave are:

  • Camera – $500-$700
  • Three month Eurail Pass $2000
  • One Year Travel Insurance – $900
  • Shots and travel medications – $400
  • Packing cubes – $20-$30
  • Fleece jacket – $50
  • Rain proof jacket – $50
  • Hiking shoes – $60

Staff Writer

On the positive note, I started working as a staff travel writer for LivingtheDreamRTW in June! This has been an exciting opportunity for me to work with an established travel blog. Not to mention some of the earnings I make working as a staff writer will really help out during the one year journey.

The site’s owner, Jeremy, has been very supportive and he’s been mentoring me in both the travel and blogging aspect of my trip. He’s traveled around the world several times himself and has provided me with some of his insights and experiences on the road.

Moving Forward

With two months left before the big day, I still have time to pick up extra shifts to make a bit more money as I strive to hit that $16,000 savings goal.

I also plan on selling my car which is my biggest asset to date. The money from the sale of my vehicle will pay for the Eurail pass and hopefully, the camera as well.

Filing my tax returns will be another challenge while I travel. I hope that my current employers can email me my T4’s so that I can forward them to my accountant.

At this point, I just need to plow through all the obstacles to get them done. Hectic times but I’m sure it will be worth it.


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