The Starter’s Guide to Canadian Travel Hacking Part 5: Relocation Vehicles

The Starter’s Guide to Canadian Travel Hacking Part 5: Relocation Vehicles

Would you like to go on a dream road trip using relocation vehicles? If so, then you are in for a treat! Whether you are going on vacation or doing a round the world trip, renting relocation vehicles will make travel more fun without breaking bank.

Quick disclaimer: I have yet to try renting relocation vehicles. however the information provided here is what I will personally be using when I travel. As soon as I try these services, I will be posting an update with my own review and experience of renting relocation vehicles. 

How Relocation Vehicles Work

Did you know that you can rent a camper van or RV for as low as $1 a day? How does that even work!

Rental companies offer such a cheap price, simply because it just costs more to drive the vehicle back to its original location. Instead, rental companies would rent their vehicles out for dirt cheap so YOU can move it back instead, saving them money.

The only catch is you need to be flexible with your dates because availability is limited!

Best Use of Relocation Vehicles

How about that massive road trip you’ve been wanting to take across Canada? Now is your chance! I have seen some pretty good deals for RV rentals, for as low as $25, that takes you from Vancouver to Toronto.


I love road trips. I can’t wait to go on my next one!

Road Trip Excitement


Another great use of relocation vehicles is if you plan on taking a road trip through Australian. I’ve seen deals from websites such as iMoova where you can rent camper vans for as little as $1 per day! Since Australia is known to be an expensive country, that cheap camper van rental will really come in handy to offset the cost of accommodations.

Make sure to split the cost by traveling as a couple, as a family or with a group of friends!

Searching for Relocation Vehicles

Where would you like to go on your dream road trip? Click on the country or region below and start searching for dirt cheap camper van or RV rentals!


(Based on my own searches, it looks like iMoova or Cruise Canada has the best deals)


(Unfortunately, RV and camper van availability appears to be limited in the States)

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand seems to be the KING of cheap relocation vehicles because all four sites show amazing deals!


Spaceship rentals looks awesome. I never thought of doing a road trip in Europe until now!

International License

Be aware, some vehicle rental companies require you to have an international driver’s license. CAA is the only company in Canada that issues International Driving Permit. You can find more information here.


Vehicle rentals may or may not come with insurance. Be sure to ask and double check the fine print before renting a vehicle.

You may also consider using a credit card that provides car insurance. My personal favorites is the American Express Gold. I’ve used that card every time I have rented a vehicle, and I never had to pay for insurance (so far). Keep in mind that this isn’t valid in all countries. Be sure to double check first before going with this option.

Where do I shower if I use a Camper Van or RV??

Good question! Here are a list of places you may consider during your road trip:

  • Public Pools
  • Community Centres
  • Gyms
  • Campsites
  • RV Sites
  • Beaches


Taking a road trips in a camper vansor RV has never been cheaper! As long as you are flexible with your dates, you have plenty of affordable options available.

If you combine relocation vehicle rentals, along with travel hacked flights, you can actually continue your trek across the globe and still have extra change in your pocket!

This goes to show that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, and is definitely accessible to individuals who live in North America. If you use the guides in my five part travel hacking series, no doubt you will be able to travel and live free.

Here are the previous travel hacking starter guides if you missed them:

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I hope you found the five part Starter’s Guide to Canadian Travel Hacking helpful. Until next time!

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