Which of the 5 Different Travel Styles Makes You Happy?

Did you know there are five different travel styles?

Some people might think that my travel styles are kind of weird. Some people might say I should be spending more time in a specific country and really get a depth of experience as oppose to a shallow one. I do agree with the idea of spending more time in a country, especially if it’s a place I really resonate with. But, the idea of bouncing from one place to the next and ticking them off the list of 193 UN recognized countries in the world sounds really appealing to me.

You could say I am a country collector. My objective for the next few years is to visit all 193 UN recognized countries. I understand that some of those countries are sketchy. That’s okay, I will get it done and visit them anyways! This is my mission before life gets too serious. Before I get married, have kids and a conveyor belt of never ending responsibilities.

Here are the five major travel styles:

  • Places. Is the idea of going to new places very appealing to you? Don’t like going back to places you’ve been to before? You are definitely a places person.
  • Things. Do you love collecting souvenirs? Is the idea of shopping very appealing to you? Then you are definitely a things person.
  • Activities. Love bungee jumping? Wine tasting? Taking cooking or art classes? You are definitely an activities person. Including many different activities during your travel will definitely make you very happy.
  • Information. Is the idea of learning something new very appealing to you? Do you love reading about history, science and other cool facts? Adding a lot of museums and historical sites to your itinerary will make you very happy.
  • People. Is meeting new people a priority for you? Does it make you happy to socialize and make new friends and networks? When you travel, make sure to include lots of opportunity to meet new people.

Before you make any travel plans, make sure it’s aligned with your two main travel styles. Otherwise, you would end up doing things that makes you miserable. Travel can be a source of immense joy as long as you are consistent with the style of travel that brings you happiness.

Here is my hierarchy of interest when it comes to travel styles:

1) Places

Places is definitely my number area of interest. This is why I am a travel blogger to begin with. I love going to new places. I also don’t like going to places I’ve been to before. If I have to go back to a country or city I’ve been to before, I make sure to visit a new place within that country or city. I also like going to weird or interesting looking destinations. If the plan is to visit any place with beautiful landscapes, intricate architecture,  ancient ruins or just plain weird, you can definitely count on me to be there!


I love exotic looking places



2) Information

I love learning new things and I’m a huge bookworm. I read a minimum of 30 books a year. When it comes to travel, I love the idea of learning something new. The thought of going to museums, historical sites and hearing stories makes me very excited. This is also another reason I am a travel blogger. I love going to new places and writing articles about it.


Learning about the Grand Canyon’s history is interesting

Grand Canyon View

3) People

People is third on my list of hierarchy. While I enjoy meeting new people, it is definitely not a priority. If I make a new friend, great! I love making new friends. But I will definitely not go out of my way just to meet new people. You won’t be seeing me going to bars or pubs or lounges during my travel just to mingle with people. The people I meet in hostels and tours are good enough. I prefer to spend my evening working on my blog or reading a book. Despite being an extrovert, I love engaging in introverted activities.

4) Activities

Some people get really excited at the thought of doing various different activities. Hiking. Painting. Kayaking. Sky diving. These all sound “neat” to me but I don’t seek them out at all. If a friend drags me to engage in any activities, I will come but not because I care about the activity. It’s mainly to spend time with my friend.

5) Things

I am definitely not materialistic. I am a minimalist at heart. When I used to live in an apartment, I had a friend come and visit me. She said to me…you’re one of those minimalist aren’t you? I had a bed and a table in my entire apartment. That was pretty much it. I don’t care about the latest iPhone or nice cars. When I travel, I almost never go shopping or buy any souvenirs.

When I travel the world for one year this coming September, my main goal is to visit as many countries as I can while seeing all the must-see sites. I will also be taking the time to research information on all the amazing travel destinations and converse with other travelers about their experiences.


The Kalalau Trail was a must see place for me



What is your travel interests? Reply below and share what your travel styles are like!

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