Earn 15,000 CIBC Aventura Points from an Airport Only Promotion

Earn 15,000 CIBC Aventura Points from an Airport Only Promotion

I just came back from Calgary and I came across a promotion in the airport where you can earn 15,000 CIBC Aventura points.

I spoke with the sales lady in the CIBC promo booth and she told me it was an airport specific promotion. The promotion is available in all major Canadian airports. Unfortunately, some of them is only available after going through the gate. The lady said if you ask the guards in the gate if you can come in to sign up for the Aventura credit card, they may let you in.

Another strategy she said you can do is if you have family or friends flying out, you will be allowed to accompany them inside the gate.

I believe the credit card signup booth is only available in the domestic terminal part of the airport.


CIBC Aventura Airport Flyer

CIBC Aventura Airport Promo


The CIBC Aventura points are great to use to fly between Canadian cities. Using Aeroplan will cause you to get charged a hefty carrier fee. Aventura points are typically great for short haul flights or across Canada. I personally used it to fly to Calgary from Vancouver for only $18.50.

I heard Aventura sometimes have promotions where they drop the number of points required to fly. I haven’t tried this out myself.

If you get the CIBC Aventura Business VISA and the CIBC Infinite Aventura VISA, you can get a grand total of 40,000 points. Check out the link I provided because it takes you to the credit card signup page with no annual fee for the first year.

As far as I know, the CIBC Aventura points are a one shot go. This means after you burn the points, you won’t be able to get them again through signup bonuses.

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