Travel and Live Free Meetup Group Created!

Travel and live Free Meetup group is now LIVE!

I decided to reboot our previous meet ups because I also wanted to focus on location independent income.

As of now, I am rebranding my blog and the meet up group. My goal is to create a place for you to get information on how to transition from the traditional 9 to 5 lifestyle into one full of travel, adventure, and, freedom.

My plan is to travel to various cities in Canada and give presentations on how to save money on travel. I will also have guest speakers that will talk about earning location independent income. Come join us and learn how to Travel and Live Free!


Our first meetup will be on How to Plan for a Long term Trip Around the World. Check it out here:


How to Plan for a Long Term Trip Around the World

Saturday, Mar 19, 2016, 6:00 PM

Vancity No. 2 and Blundell
6020 Blundell Rd #130 Richmond, BC

28 International Frequent Travelers Went

Hi everyone, in our first meet up, I will do a talk on how to plan for a long term trip around the world.Here are some topics we will cover:- Budgeting for a one year trip around the world – Traveling to many countries vs staying in a few countries – Using Points and Miles to reduce the cost of flights and accommodations – How to utilize budget a…

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