The Grand Canyon is one of those places that everyone knows about. I’m sure you know of someone that has taken a Grand Canyon tour before or has taken a road trip to see the place.

There is a reason why so many people visit the Grand Canyon. That is because this place is awesome and breathtaking. Seriously.

We did a road trip that took us from Zion Narrows, to Upper Antelope Canyon, to Horseshoe Bend to Grand Canyon and Sedona back in 2015. It was such a fun drive and highly recommended for anyone looking into doing a road trip in the USA.

When you first enter the park, you will need to purchase a park permit before entering. The customer service at the permit station is amazing and you then get to go on a drive around the area. It kind of felt like you were going to an amusement park such as Harry Potter Land or Disneyland because of all the different shops and stations that you can visit.

Taking the shuttle bus around the park


History of the Grand Canyon National Park


We also took the time to go hiking around the park. The place is easy enough to navigate and it’s one of those easy hikes where you get instant gratification. I’m sure there are tons of harder hiking paths but the one we checked out was pretty good and gave you a good view of the canyon.

Karen posing in-front of the canyon


We also saw many individuals doing dumb things just to take “epic” looking pictures. I saw one guy scaling the side of the cliff that is nothing but a free fall drop just to take that dramatic looking image. I was definitely cringing the whole time hoping he wouldn’t slip and fall.

My sister risking her life for an epic picture


The trip to the Grand Canyon was overall fun and I will check up the Utah side the next time I do a road trip in this area.

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