Via Rail Boxing Week Sale

Via Rail Boxing week sale is on until Jan. 4, 2016. Check it out here.

Here are some great deals that you can take advantage of with the Via Rail boxing week sale:

  • Toronto and Vancouver – $321
  • Vancouver and Jasper – $107
  • Toronto and Montreal – $37
  • Toronto and Edmonton – $234
  • Montreal and Halifax – $97

If you live in the East Coast of Canada, this is definitely a worthwhile promotion.

For myself and anyone else who lives in the West Coast of Canada, the one way train ride from Vancouver to Toronto looks like a pretty good deal. I have heard of the beautiful scenery right along the Rocky Mountains and it would be nice to travel across Canada by train.

Is this deal worth it?

That’s a good question and the best answer is it depends. If you’ve never taken a train ride across Canada and seen the Canadian Rockies, Prairies, and everything else along the way, then yes, definitely do it once in your life and take advantage of the promotion.

If you don’t really care about seeing beautiful scenery and your focus is saving money on travel, then travel hacking would be your best alternative.

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