Travel for One Year Update, December 31, 2015

Travel for One Year Update.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to update you on my current progress towards my one year trip. I plan on leaving roughly late September 2016.

In order to succeed in traveling for a year, I will need the following items covered:

  • Have enough Aeroplan points to help save money on flights
  • Have enough Hotel points to help save money on accommodations
  • Have enough referrals in couch surfing to save money on accommodations
  • Network with friends internationally to get free or cheaper accommodations
  • Have a bare minimum of $15,000 Canadian saved up to cover the cost of transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment
  • *BONUS* Earn income while I travel through my blog and other online sources

Goals for traveling:

  • Travel to as many countries as possible while visiting UNESCO sites
  • Visit every single South American country
  • Visit at least 28 European countries
  • Visit as many Asian countries as possible
  • Make international friends
  • Find business opportunities
  • Generate blog content
  • Build up location independent income

Here’s my current status in each of the items mentioned above:

  • 420,000 Aeroplan Miles – Mission complete
  • 50,000 Marriott Hotel Points – 5-6 free hotel nights
  • 50,000 Starwood Hotel Points – Roughly 10-12 free hotel nights
  • Two couch surfing referrals – I will need more referrals
  • Free stay in the Philippines – I have cousins and aunts that lives there and they said I can stay over at their house
  • $1000 saved up – I need at least $14,000 more saved up, the more money the better just in case of emergency. It’s harder to save when I am investing money into my blog, travel insurance, and shots (so I won’t get sick and be allowed to enter certain countries). I also don’t make much money at work making this task even more difficult.

How I plan on hitting my travel goals:

  • For every single country I travel into, I plan on making sure I can visit as many UNESCO sites as possible
  • I will backpack through Europe and Asia, and fly between South American countries.
  • I may stay in cheaper countries for a month each to take advantage of renting an entire apartment. That way, I can rest up, work on my online business and take some time to find business and networking opportunities.


Thank you for following me so far in my journey and feel free to reply to this blog post or email me at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions. Happy New Year everyone!






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