Hiking the Kalalau Trail – Day 2

Hiking the Kalalau Trail, day two, was a lot better than day one.

We were now on our way to the most dangerous part of the Kalalau Trail: Crawler’s Ledge.

Kalalau Trail Map

Kalalau Trail Map

We finally got out of the Hanakoa area and finally saw the part of the hike that you see in all pictures.


Finally out of Hanakoa


My sister right beside the entrance of Crawler’s Ledge


Descending down Crawler’s Ledge


Hiking in Crawler’s Ledge


Taking a break after Crawler’s Ledge



Crawler’s Ledge didn’t turn out too bad. It also helped that it was a bright and sunny day making the path nice and dry.

The next part of the hike was another long traverse through the jungle and up and down the hill. We were thoroughly exhausted and very much sun burnt.

A nice group picture during the long hike


Finally, we arrived at Kalalau Valley and we were very excited! We didn’t know if this hike was worth it after all the suffering we went through. After seeing the view, it was like seeing paradise on Earth. The place was just magnificent, no words can describe the feeling of looking through the vast beauty of the surrounding area.

Kalalau Valley





Enjoying the view with my sisters


My sisters, Karen and I took some time to just enjoy the view. We took tons of pictures and just really soaked in our surrounding area.

The final part of the hike is coming. We were now heading towards Kalalau beach to set up camp. We were still half a mile away and began our final push to reach the camping site.

The last part is very tricky because of the many different potential pathways. We ended up getting lost and it took awhile before we finally reached the entrance to the beach.

We were greeted by a couple of hippies who told us they have lived in this place for many years. The next part of our adventure is now beginning.

Next part is day 2.5: Kalalau Beach.

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