Hiking the Kalalau Trail – Day 2.5: Kalalau Beach

Kalalau beach is a very strange place.

Upon arriving to the camping sites, I see a young guy who has the Jesus Christ look sitting on a couch under a man made shelter. Yes you heard me right, there is a couch in Kalalau beach. He looks at me and in the most hippie voice, he says, “Welcome friend, you must be tired, why don’t you go on ahead and get yourself settled. Then later, come by and hangout.”

So we did what the friendly hippie said and we went down the beach and set up for camp there.


We camped by the beach



In hindsight, it is not a good idea to camp by the beach. It is full of sand mites and my sister’s, Karen and myself for bitten to death by them.

While setting up camp, we see a man swinging on a camp site right above us. He had a machete on his hand and he was using it to cut sugar canes. He stared at us with murderous eyes as he chewed on the sugar cane bits.

My sisters and Karen felt very uneasy by this sight. He then went down to talk to us and turns out he is friendly. He said he’s a flight attendant and taking some time to live here in the Kalalau beach during his time off. I felt something weird about this guy but I decide to just ignore it and give him the benefit of the doubt.

After getting our camp setup, we went to the waterfalls to take a nice refreshing shower and replenished our water supply.

Amazing waterfalls shower


Afterwards, I decide to take Karen for a nice walk around the beach area.

Sunsets, long walks on the beach and holding hands. It doesn’t get anymore cliche than this.


Despite my sister Sharleen and myself having fun in this beach. My youngest sister Eunice and my girlfriend Karen was feeling miserable. They hated feeling uncomfortable during the entire hiking adventure.

We then spoke to one of the friendly hippies named Max, that reside on the beach, and asked him if there is a way to get picked up by the boats passing by. He said yes, we can get picked up by boats as long as we pay $100 USD per person plus $25 for each backpack.

We decided that we wanted to take the boat and he told us to be ready at their shelter by 7am the next morning.

We built a fire at night to scare away the frogs (lots of frogs come out at night). Unfortunately, it started to rain and our fire went out.

Camping around a fire


Up next, day 3: there is no easy way out of Kalalau Beach.

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