LifeMiles Sale

Hello fellow Canadians. Up until recently, our two main frequent flyer program is Aeroplan and Alaska Airlines.

Starting on Black Friday, LifeMiles is having a points sale where if you purchase points, they will give you 140% for free. For example, if you purchase 1,000 points, you will actually get 2,400 points! This is an amazing deal and an opportunity for us to take advantage of a frequent flyer program that is not usually on our radar.

LifeMiles is South America’s main frequent flyer program. Their main carrier is Avianca.

Here are more info taken from the LifeMiles website:

  • The maximum miles to buy per calendar year is LM (Including any miles purchase promotional bonus)
  • Miles must be purchased in multiples of 1,000
  • Block of LM 1,000 costs $33 USD + tax
  • The miles purchased do not apply to achieve or maintain Elite Status
  • The amount paid for the miles’ purchase is not refundable
  • The cost per block of 1,000 LifeMiles may vary according to the channel and country of residence
  • The miles are not endosable
  • Miles purchased, once accrued, can be redeemed in accordance with the conditions specified in the LifeMiles’ Program Terms and Conditions and the portfolio of products and services available for redemption

Because the Canadian dollar is not especially strong right now, the deal is not as great as it could be. That’s okay. One day, our Canadian dollar will bounce back up and we can then take advantage of future LifeMiles promotions.

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