How to Get Platinum Status with Best Western in Canada

I just came back from a small getaway in Sooke BC. Upon arriving at our hotel booking at Best Western, we were immediately given a room upgrade as a result of being platinum status. This was a pleasant surprise because we didn’t know if we were actually going to reap the benefits of being platinum status.

Our Balcony

Best Western Balcony

We initially only booked a queen room with no view or balcony. As you can see above, we ended up with a king room with a very nice view of the lake and a balcony.

King Room Upgrade

Best Western Room

So how exactly do you get Platinum Status with Best Western in Canada?

One of the best ways to achieve Platinum Status is to do a status match using Fairmont Hotel.

If you have the Scotia Bank American Express Card, you are eligible to get premier status with Fairmont Hotel. Use the special code you get with Scotia Bank’s American Express and obtain Fairmont Hotel’s premier status.

Upon acquiring the premier status, send Best Western an email at and include a screenshot of your Fairmont Hotel premier status approval.

Best Western should email you back and let you know that you have now received Platinum Status. Be warned; though, that depending on who is emailing you back, they may just give you gold status instead. However, from most status match reports and from my own experience, they will give you Platinum Status.

Best Western Interior

Best Western InteriorFeel free to reply to this post or send me an email at

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