Aeroplan eStore Promotion – Earn 5x Aeroplan Points!

Until October 26, 2015 (there’s a mistake on the Aeroplan promo banner), you can earn 5x Aeroplan points on most purchases in the Aeroplan eStore.

The deal can also be stacked with your other Aeroplan credit cards. For example, if you use your AMEX Gold or TD/CIBC Aeroplan Credit Cards, you can potentially earn 6x more Aeroplan points.

I am contemplating if I should buy a Macbook Pro to use for my business. Making this purchase now would be a good idea because if I spend $1,600 on a Macbook Pro, I can potentially earn $1,600 x 6 = 9,600 Aeroplan points.

We have until Monday to take advantage of this promo!

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