Motivation Monday 10 and September 28, 2015 Travel Update

It’s been two weeks now since I got back from vacation and I’ve noticed a lot of things. Since traveling to Utah, Arizona and Hawaii, I’ve gotten a chance to experience different cultures despite the fact that all of them are part of the United States.

I’ve gotten a chance to hike in exotic places and really learn from other people.

It might sound cliche but I actually feel like a different person since coming back. A lot of my previous bad habits has been eradicated and I am very focused in my work. I feel great.

The truth is, before I left, I was feeling miserable because I kept working at the same job and it seemed like the routine would never end. For me, the never ending routine was unbearable. Upon going on my adventure, I saw the world from a different perspective and it really opened my eyes at the effects of the hard work I am putting in right now.

Work Update

Right now, I am working as a Fitness Centre Attendant and Personal Trainer as well as a Senior’s Fitness Class Instructor. Honestly, watching over the fitness centre’s gets really boring. I really hate doing administrative work and maintenance work. I understand that the place needs to be supervised and cleaned up but I often think to myself, “What’s the point? The place is going to get dirty and cluttered up again anyways.”

Since coming back, I still feel bored when I’m working as a Fitness Attendant, but I realize that these are the necessary stepping stones to achieving my dream of traveling the world and becoming free.

My Current Goals

My definition of freedom is being location independent from work. This means I can work from anywhere I want, whenever I want. I don’t hate to work. I actually like working. I just hate working on things that are meaningless and doesn’t help me achieve my big picture goals.

In order to travel the world for one year, I will need a minimum of $15,000 saved up. Having a source of income while I travel will allow me to earn money without draining my savings.

Right now, I still have a debt of $1000 from my previous bad business move back in January. I predict that it will be fully paid off by October and I can start making money towards that $15,000 goal.

My Current Status

Thanks to everyone that used my AMEX credit card link as well as signing up for several credit cards promotions, I now have a little over 300,000 Aeroplan points; that should cover my flights as I bounce from one country to the next. Thank you again for using my referral links and I hope you will earn tons of Aeroplan points and go on your own journey and adventure.

I also have 50,000 Alaska Airline points after acquiring two Alaska Airlines Mastercard , 50,000 Marriott Hotel points from my Marriott Hotel VISA card and 20,000 Starwood points from my Starwood AMEX.

In terms of hotel status, I recently aquired Premier Status with Fairmont hotel. The perks of being Premier Status are the following:

  • One Suite Upgrade Certificate
  • One Deluxe King Room Upgrade Certificate
  • Two $25 Dine-in or Spa credit
  • One Third-Night free Certificate

I then used my Premier Status with Fairmont to status match with Best Western Hotel and became a Platinum Status holder with Best Western. The main perk with Platinum Status is you are eligible for an upgrade to the best rooms available.

Since completing the points goal for world travel, I am now shifting my attention to earning money by working lots of shifts and by also learning how to freelance. My goal by December is to make at least $500 from freelancing online and from my online business. By July 2016, I’d like to be making $1,000 per month from freelancing and my online business.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress with saving money, freelancing and running an online business.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or email me at

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