Motivation Monday 8 – The Seven Areas of Life

I hope you guys enjoyed the 8th edition of Motivation Monday. What did you think?

Just to recap the Seven Areas of Life, they are:

  1. Physical Life – Health/Fitness/Nutrition
  2. Dating Life – Going on dates/Sex/Anything related to having a partner in a romantic context
  3. Financial Life – Career/Money/Investments/Business
  4. Social Life – Friends
  5. Recreation Life – Hobbies/Travel/Sports/Games
  6. Spiritual Life – Religion/Volunteer Work/Charity/Donations/Meditation
  7. Family Life – Spending time with parents/kids/siblings/extended family

Just to recap the video, the difference between men and women is their approach to the Seven Areas of Life.

Women likes to make sure they have an equal balance to all seven. The pro to balancing all seven is they are in touch with every aspect of their life. The con is they don’t get things done as a result of too much multi-tasking and lack of focus.

Men likes to over focus on one area and forget the other life areas. The pro to over focusing in one life area is that they get a lot of things done in that area and become quite accomplished. The con is they tend to neglect their other life areas causing problems in health or relationships.

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