I just completed this hike today and it’s definitely a good one, especially for beginners! The hike takes roughly 2 hours to complete and even less if you have a stronger cardio.

Cool log bridge

The entrance to this hike is located just before you arrive at Chilliwack Lake to the left. The hike is quite steep but the distance is not that long. I would recommend to hike on a sunny day to get a full view of the emerald lake. When we arrived at the lake, it was still nice but didn’t see the sun penetrate through the beautiful emerald colour of the lake.

Me and my sister

If you are new to hiking and want to do a hike away from Vancouver and Whistler and more so towards the Fraser Valley, this is the hike for you. If you are trying to get your friends who are new to hiking into hiking, this is the one to go for. The hike is not that difficult and the air is very fresh. Check it out for sure!

This is my ratings for the hike:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? Yes, Most likely I will.
  • I rate this place 8/10 for the enjoyable factor of the hike
  • I rate this place 7/10 for the view
  • This hike is rated difficult, 4/10 in difficulty

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