The Lions Binkert Trail (Most Dangerous Hike in Vancouver) – BC Hikes

Back in 2011 and 2012, I went on a massive hiking spree making sure I hike every single intermediate and difficult level hikes in the Vancouver area. I mainly hiked the ones with a very nice view and also push my limit.

I got exactly just that after hiking the Lions Binkert Trail. I have already hiked Black Tusk the Panorama Ridge prior to this hike so I thought I was well-prepared mentally for a very difficult hike. Black Tusk was especially dangerous during the last part so I thought…it couldn’t get worst than that experience. Oh man…was I WRONG. Lions Binkert Trail, the final part, specifically the West Lions, will test your courage and make you feel a strong gratitude for being alive because that hike is definitely not safe and definitely not recommended if you value your life.

The hike starts out like every other hike. The parking doesn’t have a lot of spots which indicated to me that not many people do this hike. When I spoke to most people, a lot have actually done this hike but not a lot of people did the final part. I can understand why.

The hike itself is brutal, there is tons of scrambling involved which I hate. I like hikes that are neat and doesn’t involve climbing up tons of roots, loose soil, and loose rocks. After going through endless scrambling, we finally arrived at the entrance of the West Lions where our courage and inner daredevil was tested.




I mean, those pictures above doesn’t do justice. The hike was really scary! There’s a part where you have to walk on barely ground footing and there’s a flimsy rope you can use for leverage. If you fall, you will die. That’s all there is to it. It’s not a safe hike. There’s tons of rock climbing involved also and if you have poor flexibility, you will definitely cramp up. I went with my friend when we did this hike and her leg started cramping during the part with a flimsy rope (there’s two parts with a flimsy rope, actually) and very little footing. It was a miracle we survived and we gave the mountain a well deserving middle finger after miracle hike back down the West Lions.


This was one of the few times in my life where I was actually shaking in fear when I was going through that flimsy rope part. The view at the top is stunning but I feel like the danger I encountered doesn’t make up for the beautiful view. I’m still glad I completed the hike but I will definitely never go back. Here’s a video up top!

This is my ratings for the hike:

  • Recommended? NO
  • Will I do it again? NO
  • I rate this place 5/10 for the enjoyable factor of the hike
  • I rate this place 9.5/10 for the view
  • This hike is rated difficult, 10/10 in difficulty

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