Travel the World for a Year August Update

Hi everyone! I hope you liked my update.

As mentioned on the video, I am currently working on four aspects of travel that I think is crucial for success during the one year travel around the world trip.

1st: I need to save up $15,000. I am currently -$950/$15,000 on my goal. Hopefully, I can kill off the debt soon and start building up my savings.

2nd: I need a bare minimum of 240,000 points to travel the world; though 300,000 is safer and 400,000 aeroplan points is even better. I am currently at 318,000 points. I earned the points by using the following credit cards from this link. 300,000 points should be just enough to get me to every single continent and back home.

How I calculated it is, it takes roughly 40,000 points for me to fly from one continent to another. Since I will be traveling to five continents plus the travel back home, it will cost roughly 240,000 points. While I am within a continent, I will also be flying to different countries and will need points to pull that off making 300,000 points a safer goal to have. As mentioned, 400,000 points would make it even safer but if I don’t reach 400,000 points, I can settle with 318,000 points and just be creative with my transportation between countries.

3rd: Accommodations – I haven’t really touched this area yet but I currently have 50,000 Marriott Hotel points which can get me 6-nights free stay. Six months before my departure date, I will start to improve my couch surfing ratings and start working on finding house sitting gigs and possibly trying WWOOFing. I will mostly focus on staying in hostels and networking here in Vancouver so I have friends to visit around the world and possibly bum off a place to stay (the floor or your couch is fine!) haha.

4th: Earning income while traveling – Around late September to Mid October, I will start learning how to freelance so I can earn money while I travel. My goal is to freelance setting up a WordPress blog for people using and and hopefully earn $1000/month which is my target monthly living budget outside doing touristy activities. If I only make $500/month by my departure date (late July or early August), then that is still OK because I won’t be tapping on my savings as much.

I’m definitely very excited about my one year trip. The more I plan and think about it, the more excited I get!

I will also be going on a trip soon! I booked a multi-city flight using my Aeroplan points to go to both Las Vegas and Kauai Hawaii. I plan on hiking the Zion Narrows at Zion National Park in Utah, check out Antelope Canyon in Paige Arizona, check out the Grand Canyon and hang out in Sedona. Afterwards, I plan on flying to Kauai Hawaii to hike the Kalalau trail and then spend a few days just relaxing and chilling before going back to work. VERY EXCITED for sure!

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to reply back to this blog or send me an email at

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