Travel Hacking Credit Cards

Hi everyone, I just updated the list of travel hacking credit cards available for 2016.

Here are the referral links for each of the credit cards that I have and if you would like to earn some points, please feel free to use these credit card referral links. My links are special because you get more points from them than if you were to sign up on American Express or Marriott Hotel Canada website.

Here they are:

No Annual Fee Travel Hacking Credit Card :

American Express Gold – Earn 25,000 Points


American Express Business Gold (My link gives you 40,000 points instead of 30,000)



TD Aeroplan VISA Infinite Credit Card – Earn 25,000 Points


Annual fee Travel Hacking Credit Cards:

American Express Platinum Card – 60,000 Points from my referral link

American Express Platinum

American Express Platinum Business – 75,000 Points from my referral link

American Express Business Platinum

Starwood Preferred Guest American Express (20,000 SPG Points or 20,000 Aeroplan Points + 5,000 SPG Points)



Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Business (20,000 SPG Points or 20,000 Aeroplan Points + 5,000 SPG Points)



TD Aeroplan Business VISA Credit Card – Earn Up To 20,000 Points



No Annual Fee Hotel Credit Card:

Marriott Hotel VISA Card (My link gives you 50,000 points instead of 30,000)



MBNA Best Western Mastercard – (My link gives you 60,000 points instead of 20,000)

Best Western Mastercard

If you guys get all the cards here, that’s a total amount of 270,000 points earned! (245,000 Aeroplan + 50,000 Marriott + 10,000 SPG Points + 60,000 Best Western Points).

In terms of Travel Hacking Credit Card, these selections above are definitely the best ones to use.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to email me at