Motivation Monday 6 – Core Values

Hi everyone, I actually made a video for this week’s motivation Monday but didn’t like it so for today, I will just be posting it without a video.

What are your core values?

My top five core values are the following:

  1. Freedom
  2. Honestly
  3. Authenticity
  4. Growth
  5. Courage

I never act without first checking with my core values. I always ask myself…am I being honest? Am I being authentic? Is what I am doing helping me grow? Is what I am doing improving the amount of freedom I have in my life? Am I going outside my comfort zone and having the courage to take that hard next step?

Acting within your core values will ensure you are being true to yourself. Nothing hurts your self-esteem more than lying to yourself and not acting according to your core values.

The theme of this blog is travel and freedom. How does my core values help me travel and achieve more freedom?

Well, in the future, I will be pitching some products and services in my blog. I will make sure that I only pitch things that I believe in and that I will actually use. I am completely against being fake. I would rather lose a sale than act fake to convince someone to buy something. Being 100% authentic takes a lot of courage, also, and that means having the courage to keep doing the meetups and going outside my comfort zone as I do the presentations.

Taking that huge leap of traveling the world also takes a lot of courage and will help me grow as a person.

Everything I do in this blog and how I live my life is in accordance to my core values.

The question is… what are your core values and are you living according to them?

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