Leavenworth – Washington USA

I love traveling, even if it’s not to a far away or exotic place. I love checking out small towns and exploring any new place in general. My friends, my girlfriend and I went to Leavenworth Washington last weekend. The town is German themed meaning…German looking buildings, German food, German people (I’m pretty sure many of the people that live there are of German descent). I saw this place online at Groupon.com; unfortunately, we missed the deal on accommodation but that’s okay because we still got a good deal for a place to stay on craigslist. When I saw Leavenworth on the pictures, I immediately knew I have to check it out. So I did!

The place is definitely a haven for delicious food and here are the places I would recommend for you to go to for food if you visit this town:

  • Pavz Crepes – Do you remember those times when you and your friends eat and no one is talking because the food is so good? Yup, that’s what you should expect from the crepes (which is really crack in disguise) in Pavz Crepes. They are THAT good. We ate the ham and cheese breakfast crepe but I’m sure you can’t go wrong with the lunch and dessert crepes as well!
  • Cheese Mongor – Delicious cheese samples. Enough said.
  • Cured – I have never…EVER in my life eaten bacon that taste so good. This place has hands down the best bacon in the whole world. Definitely worth the visit. They also have a restaurant nearby that sells Cured brand bratwurst, also yummy and highly recommended.
  • South – Delicious Spanish/Mexican food. We had the jalapeño margarita, it was intensely spicy, definitely worth trying it at least once for the experience. The food was really good, an excellent choice for dinner!
  • Gingerbread Factory – Yummy treats for all! My girlfriend bought a bag of gingerbreads for her family and she ended up eating all of them before they reached home. They’re THAT good!

Besides food, we also went hiking at the Eight Mile Lake, here’s a video that my girlfriend made of our hike, watch it in HD:

Pictures taken at the pond and lake:



Overall, it was a fun trip and I highly recommend checking out Leavenworth if you love trying different types of food and like the outdoors. There were other things we didn’t get to do here like watch a play and ride a tube down the river, perhaps one day in the future. 🙂

Here is my rating for this place:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? If I’m near the area, then most likely I will.
  • I rate the place 7/10 for the adventure factor
  • I rate the place 9/10 for the relaxation factor
  • I rate the place 7/10 for the coolness factor
  • I rate the place 10/10 for safety

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