Panorama Ridge – BC Canada Hikes

I still remember back in 2011, I had my eye on climbing Panorama Ridge. If you visit, it’s clearly the nicest looking hike there is; but, it is also one of the hardest hike on that list.

Prior to doing this hike, I have never really achieved anything great in my life. Completing Panorama Ridge symbolizes my first big achievement in achieving a dream of mine through hard work and perseverance.

The hike itself was very difficult. You first have to hike through the forest that takes you to Garibaldi Lake. After going through Garibaldi Lake, you then have to hike through several different terrains and really difficult inclines to reach the summit of Panorama Ridge. The final stretch itself was very difficult because of loose rocks and snow. My hip flexor was hurting so much but I was not about to give up. I was determined to make it to the top! And I did make it to the top! It was a great moment in my life! The hike back to the parking lot took a good six hours and the entire hike took 12 hours. We were stuck in the dark on the hike back down it was a real scary moment.

My whole body hurt and I could barely walk the next day but I felt great. The pain I experience was a reminder of a big feat I had accomplished and to this day, I still see Panorama Ridge as my first big achievement.

I highly recommend this hike to everyone who is in the Vancouver area. This hike is guaranteed to be one of the best hikes you will ever experience in your life.

Here’s some videos from the hike back in 2011:

This is my ratings for the hike:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? Maybe 10 years from now or so…
  • I rate this place 7/10 for the enjoyable factor of the hike
  • I rate this place 10/10 for the view
  • This hike is rated difficult, 10/10 in difficulty

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