Travel for a Year Starting from Scratch July Update

Travel for a Year Starting from Scratch July update.


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my update video.

Again here’s my goals for the year:


I want 400,000 Aeroplan miles before my trip starts if possible. If not, 300,000 miles will do but I prefer to play on the safe side and have some extra miles on reserve just in case.


I would like to get at least two weeks worth of free hotel accommodations for emergency purposes when I travel. I also plan on using Couch Surfing meaning I need to boost up my ratings on that website. I will also use hostels. I have friends in some of the countries I am visiting so I may be able to bum some sleeping space from them…hopefully haha.


I need to save up at least $15,000 before my trip starts. Right now, I am at -$2,400 because I made some bad marketing decisions in my business back in January. For those who doesn’t know, I work for a community centre right now and also work as a Personal Trainer. I tried doing a direct mail marketing campaign back in January, which didn’t go well and I ended up losing $3,500 which sucks. Anyways, that’s the past now and I gotta look forward into the future to make back my lost. I don’t regret starting that Personal Training business because I definitely learned a lot which I can use in the future to make better decisions.

With that being said, I moved back home to my parents at the beginning of July to save money on rent for my big one year trip. I was paying $1010/month on rent for the last year and the money I save will really come a long way.

I will also start marketing to get more clients in my Personal Training business in addition to my income working for the community centre. My goal is to generate at least $15,000 in savings before my trip starts.

I also started selling off a lot of my stuff. My goal is to have sold all my possessions that are worth any value before I do my big trip. I feel that having too many things prevents you from leaving your home town to go on a journey. I’d like to get rid of any attachments I may have to my material possessions so that I can travel with peace of mind. With that being said, I do not look forward to selling my bed because it is awesome, the most comfortable thing in the world.


I’m hoping that before I go on my trip, I will have some products and services available on my blog/website as well as various freelancing website. This way, I can still earn income while I travel. I will make sure to cover that area as well as part of the Canadian Travel Hacking meet up group and here on my blog as well so that if you do want to make income as you travel, you have some reference guide you can follow to help you with that.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or comments or leave a reply here at the blog post itself. I will also make a video on how I booked a plane ticket to Hawaii and Las Vegas for $36 on the next few video blogs that I make.

Subscribe to my blog also when you get the chance because I will be releasing videos that are only available to email subscribers only.

Until next time! Happy travel hacking!

2 thoughts on “Travel for a Year Starting from Scratch July Update”

  1. I made the same decision to move back home so that I could start on my dream to live half the year in Italy, or other countries, and half in the U.S. Rent is such a huge expense! You are smart to do all of this when you are young and healthy and responsibility-free.

    1. Hi Liza! Yeah, I figure, there might be a time in my life where I cannot travel the world as freely as I can now (though I plan to make sure I can still do it at any age) so I’m going to do everything in my power to make my dream journey happen!

      Did you manage to make your dream happen of living in the US half the year and Italy half the year?

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