Hey guys, if you live in the Vancouver BC area or are planning to come by the city, then come attend meeting 1 out of 12 of Travel the World for a Year Starting From Scratch.

If your goal in life to achieve more freedom, live the life that you want and see the world at the same time, then this series is perfect for you.

On the first meeting, we will do an overview on the following topics:

  • Planning your trip for a year
  • What you will need to succeed in this journey
  • Travel Hacking Flights
  • Where to find cheap flights
  • Where to find cheap/free accommodations

We will also go over quick strategies you can implement right away to get you started on preparing for the journey!

Here is the meetup.com link to the group if you plan on attending:

Travel the World for a Year Starting From Scratch 1/12 – Big Picture Overview

Saturday, Jul 25, 2015, 6:00 PM

5900 No 3 Road (Corner of No3 and Westminster) Richmond, BC

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Hi everyone, this will be meetup one out of 12 for the Canadian Travel Hacker series. I plan on traveling the world for a year by next year July and have already been documenting my preparation for this journey. If you are interested in traveling for a year (or long term travel in general ranging from a few months to however long you want), then co…

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