Sea to Sky Summit Hike – BC Canada Hikes

Squamish recently opened a new tourist attraction here in Vancouver called the Sea to Sky Summit. For those who loves doing outdoorsy stuff, this is the perfect travel location.

You have two options to getting up the mountain: hike or take the gondola. If you are the more adventurous type, you can hike. Be warned, though, the hike is a tough four hour climb up steep slopes that doesn’t seem to end. The view at the top is rewarding and there is a really cool gondola ride down for $10 on top of that. Oh! And don’t forget the really awesome suspension bridge as well!

Now if you’re lazy and just want to see the view, you can certainly just ride the gondola up the mountain, it cost $35 which isn’t too bad I suppose.

I highly recommend doing this hike at least once because the view at the top feels more rewarding when you earn it by climbing the mountain the old fashioned way.

Here’s how I rate the hike:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? NO
  • I rate this place 6/10 for the enjoyable factor of the hike
  • I rate this place 9/10 for the view
  • This hike is rated MEDIUM-HARD, 7.5/10 in difficulty

Here are some videos I took of the Sea to Sky Summit Hike:



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