Quarry Rock – BC Canada Hikes

In 2013, I did my first hike ever with my girlfriend, Karen. I took her to hike Quarry Rock, which is one of the more easier hikes in Vancouver with a really nice view.

Here’s a picture of me and Karen at the end of the hike, as you can see, there’s tons of people that do this hike.

The hike itself was fairly easy, maybe a little challenging if you are sedentary; otherwise, you should be okay.

Parking was challenging to get because the place is by Deep Cove which is a major spot of kayaking and other local tourism activities. Make sure you come early or be prepared to pay for parking if you decide to undertake this hike. I did notice that there were some free parking spots available if you drive towards the residential zone.

You can also explore Deep Cove after the hike and grab something to bite. The Deep Cove area is very pleasant and is a good place to go for a day trip.

The view at the end of the hike is beautiful. This is my ratings for the hike:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? MAYBE
  • I rate this place 6/10 for the enjoyable factor of the hike
  • I rate this place 9/10 for the view
  • This hike is rated EASY, 3/10 in difficulty

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