Last year, July of 2014, my friends and I traveled to Osoyoos BC for a four day, three night getaway to just relax and explore a place we’ve never been to before.

I was fortunate enough to get hooked up by my clients with their time share property and gave us over 50% discount on the Spirit Lodge Hotel and Resort accommodation. To say that we got an awesome place to stay is an understatement because our minds were blown on how luxurious the place was! We almost felt out of place because we never get to stay in really nice place like that often (this was before I started travel hacking).

Osoyoos truly is a wonderful getaway from the busy life here in Vancouver and even if you are a tourist, I would highly recommend checking out this frequently overlooked tourist destination.

The residents of this town are usually individuals who are retired and wanted to move to a more quiet and relaxed location.

While we were in Osoyoos, we got the opportunity to bike around town and just explore the place.

We also got a chance to check out one of the weird lakes in Osoyoos called the Spotted Lake:


Here is my rating for this place:

  • Recommended? YES
  • Will I do it again? YES
  • I rate the place 7/10 for the adventure factor
  • I rate the place 9/10 for the relaxation factor
  • I rate the place 8/10 for the coolness factor
  • I rate the place 10/10 for safety

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