DSCN0666Hi there, my name is Kendrick. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I love traveling but have always thought it was too expensive and would require several months of saving up just to go anywhere.

That’s when a friend introduced the concept of Travel Hacking to me. I learned that through several loopholes available, anyone can travel really cheap.

I’m not going to lie. The travel strategies in this blog requires effort. But the effort will be time well spent. Instead of saving up 40 hours worth of wages to afford travel, you can simply spend 30-90 minutes of your time utilizing the strategies I share in this blog.

I will also cover how to fast track earning hotel elite status and save money on accommodations.

Besides Travel Hacking, I will also provide travel guides and insights as I journey around the world. One of my dream is to be able to escape working the typical job and be able to travel the world while still working. As I crack the code to living the location independent lifestyle, I will be sharing my strategies, guides and insights to you, the readers in hopes that you, too, will be able to live a life of travel and freedom.

Come join me as we embark, explore and experience what the world has to offer.

Feel free to email me at kendricktravels@gmail.com if you have any questions, requests, suggestions or comments. I try and reply to everyone; though, please be patient because it can take several days for me to get back to you.

Talk to you soon!


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  1. THANKS KENDRICK for being so prompt in getting back to me after the presentation last nite/Mon. 23rd of May.

    I had a couple of ?s.
    1) you tips for travel to Victoria July 2nd or 3rd- to -9th or 10th
    [ I am going to a retreat near Duncan, BC. ]

    2) Same for Vegas in Jan. from 10th or 11th TO 15th or 16th.
    [ I want to go to the curling championships held 11th to 14th of Jan. 2017. ]

    1. Hi Karen,

      If you plan on going to Victoria, I’d recommend getting the CIBC Business Aventura VISA: https://www.cibc.com/ca/small-business/credit-cards/aventura-visa-card-for-bus.html

      You’ll get 25,000 miles which you can use to book a flight to Victoria on those dates that you want.

      You can also do something similar with your trip to Las Vegas. There is a promotion right now where you can get the CIBC Aventura VISA personal VISA card and get 15,000 points plus no annual fee for the first year. If you combine your points from the Personal and Business CIBC Aventura VISA card, you should have enough to get you to Las Vegas for cheap from Calgary.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Hi thank you for your YouTube videos..
    I just had question regarding the aeroplane.. Can I use my points to book flight for family member ?

    1. Hi Kaji, yes you can definitely use your points to book for your family members. Just enter their name instead of yours after you pick your travel destinations.

    1. Hi Chris, you’ve been added to the email list. You just need to confirm your subscription to the blog. The notification may have been sent to your junk box. Please let me know if you can’t find it.

    1. Hi Gary, I added you to the email list, please confirm once you get the notification by email. Thanks for subscribing!

  3. Hi Kendrick,
    I was wondering if you can tell me where to find the videos for that course that you were at in Vancouver I believe it was. I started watching it on a facebook post but can’t seem to find it now. I hope you know what I am talking about! Lol! Thank you for all that you share to all of us fellow travellers!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Marlene,

      What course was I teaching? I did several travel hacking courses in Vancouver, I think I have some old ones I can dig up and put up on YouTube…

  4. This blog is one the best i have seen.. to the point and no bull shit… thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Vinod, glad you like it! Just like you, I’m not interested in bullshit, just authenticity and straight to the point. 🙂

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